Diamond Cutter Classics | Reading Club
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Every word counts

Reading Club


Mixed Nuts Reading Club

Do you want to learn more about karma and emptiness, but don’t have a lot of time? Join the Mixed Nuts Reading Club, which meets for an hour a week, every Thursday alternating between 9 am and 6pm, Arizona time.


Every week, we go diamond mining, searching for the ways we can use the most precious and deeply hidden ideas in Asian classical texts in our day-to-day activities. These texts are hundreds of years old, containing the most profound and significant ideas of all times—ideas that can transform our lives.

Why Join?

  • you have the opportunity to sit in the same (Zoom) room with Geshe Michael Roach, translators, and practitioners, where you can pick their brains, ask questions, and participate in the digging process;
  • you can learn the most important ideas of Asian philosophy and how to use them in your life;
  • it’s fun!


Register for one class ($10 suggested donation), or become a monthly donor. If you cannot donate, click here to join https://us02web.zoom.us/s/82357829741


Thank you for supporting the translation efforts of Diamond Cutter Classics.