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Higher Knowledge

The Sun of the True Thought

A Commentary to the

“Treasure House of Higher Knowledge”

written by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)


Fulfilling the Hopes of the Fortunate

A Primer on the Topics of Buddhist Logic

as Presented by the Indian Master, Dharmakirti

written by Ngawang Tashi, of the Clan of Sey (1678-1738)

Mind Only

Difficult Questions

In the Mind-Only School

Of Buddhism

written by Je Tsongkapa, Lobsang Drakpa (1357-1419)

Lower Middle Way

All Things Depend on Each Other

The Buddhist Teaching of the Wheel of Life

written by Kedrup Tenpa Dargye (1493-1568)

Vowed Morality

The String of Precious Jewels

A Classical Summary of Buddhist Ethics

written by Gyal Kenpo, Drakpa Gyeltsen (1762–1837)

Developing the Good Heart

Deathless Nectar For Helping Others: Notes to a Teaching On the “Crown of Knives”

a teaching by Trichen Tenpa Rabgye (1759-1815),

upon the root text written by Dharma Rakshita (c. 950ad)

notes by Gyalwang Lobsang Trinley Namgyel (fl. 1800)

Meditation on Emptiness

Light on the Path to Freedom

An Explanation of the Steps

For Developing an Understanding

That Nothing is Itself

written by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)

Comparative Philosophy

A Brief Essence of All Schools of Philosophy

written by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)

Middle Way

Kamalashila’s Great Commentary

to the Diamond Cutter Sutra

written by Master Kamalashila (c. 750)

Middle Way

Sunlight on the Path to Freedom

A Commentary to the Diamond Cutter Sutra

written by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)

Middle Way

Sky Flowers & Magic Shows:
Master Yuance on The Art of Interpreting Ideas, Part 1

written by Master Yuance (613-696)

Vowed Morality

One Day Vow of the Greater Way

written by Trijang Rinpoche Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso (1901-1981)


Middle Way

The Illumination of the True Thought
Tsongkapa’s Masterpiece on Emptiness

written by Je Tsongkapa Lobsang Drakpa (1357-1419)

Middle Way

A Commentary to Nagarjuna’s
“Sixty Verses on Reasoning”

written by Gyaltsab Je, Darma Rinchen (1364-1432)

Middle Way

Sunlight on Suchness
The meaning of the Heart Sutra

written by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)

Word of the Buddha

All the Kinds of Karma

The Correlations Between Actions and their Consequences According to the Buddha

by Shakyamuni Buddha (500bc)

Middle Way

A Ship on the Sea of Emptiness
The Wisdom of Nagarjuna

written by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)