Diamond Cutter Classics | Translation Program
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Diamond Cutter Classics
Translation Program


A deep dive into Asian wisdom

Join us: Jan 6th through 19th

Join Geshe Michael Roach and the Diamond Cutter Classics translators for a two week intensive Tibetan translation program.

Three times a year, the Mixed Nuts translation team gather to go through these texts word by word, deepening our understanding not only of the language unique to each philosophical school, but also the profound ideas contained within.

  • Zoom webinars 2 times a day (5 hours a day)
  • Recordings of each class
  • Q&A sessions with each translator
  • Online yoga every day
  • Homeworks and quizzes to learn the material better


Winter 2023: Jan 6th – 19th

Morning Session: 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM Arizona Time

Evening Session: 5:30 PM – 8:30 Arizona Time

After you register, we will send you the login instructions. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for your support of the translation effort.



  • Higher Knowledge
  • Vowed Morality
  • Logic

  • Mind-Only
  • Middle-Way
  • The Wheel of Life

  • Comparative Philosophy
  • Developing the Good Heart
  • The Word of the Buddha


My Post-4 (1)

Michael Roach

Project Founder
Ben Kramer

Ben Kramer

“A Brief Essence of All Schools of Philosophy”
Bets Greer

Bets Greer

“Light on the Path to Freedom”
Word Smith

Word Smith

“Difficult Questions In the Mind-Only School”
Sugeng Shi

Sugeng Shi

“All Things Depend on Each Other The Buddhist Teaching of the Wheel of Life”
Alison Zhou

Alison Zhou

“The String of Precious Jewels”
Stanley Chen

Stanley Chen

“The Sun of the True Thought”
Nick Lashaw

Nick Lashaw

A Commentary to Nagarjuna’s “Sixty Verses on Reasoning”
My Post-17

Seiji Arao

“Notes to a Teaching On the “Crown of Knives” ``
Adam Andrade

Adam Andrande

“Fulfilling the Hopes of the Fortunate”